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Resume Tips


Your resume is your ticket to get job offers from all those reputable companies you wanted to get associated with when you first entered the world of professionalism. A well-structured, coherently written resume can help you to come across a prospective employer; and if effective, it may fetch you your dream job. Here is a list of points that you must consider while creating a resume – your personal marketing tool.

  • Target The Resume:

While preparing the resume, focus on the most relevant and specific information. All the important information regarding educational qualifications and work experience should be included precisely in the resume. Don’t add any irrelevant information.

  • Prioritize The Achievements & Responsibilities:

Facts that speak about your achievements and responsibilities must be prioritized. Only after mentioning the important facts in the beginning, move on to lesser important accomplishments. Also, it would be prudent if you highlight them too.

  • Organize It Neatly And Professionally

Employers are sure to notice the perfection you have induced in writing the resume. So, keep the resume neat and professional by refraining from long sentences.

  • Keep It Precise, Short

The employers skim over an average resume in 10 to 15 seconds. Those seconds are sufficient for them to decide whether or not your resume is worth reading wholly. So, try to keep the resume precise, short.

  • The Format & The Font

Though it is a great idea to use different formats, but maintain the same font in the entire resume. Use universal font such as Times New Roman or Arial in the resume.

  • Incorporate The buzzwords

If there are such words or phrases that may show off your understanding of certain field, must incorporate them in the resume.

  • No Misspelling Or Typos

A mere typo error can represent you as careless and unprofessional. Better, proofread the resume to prevent misspelling and leave no scope for being misjudged.

Last but not least, prior to submitting the resume to the recruiters, ask somebody to read it. Others are likely to identify and trace the misspellings and inaccuracies in the resume faster than you.